Northern Irish ‘Family Hymn Sing’ receives over 1 million views

A ‘family hymn sing’ in Northern Ireland has received more than one million views in over 100 countries after going live on Facebook. The episode, hosted by world-renowned Christian hymn writers, Keith and Kristyn Getty and their children, features many of the most loved hymns and marks 20 years since the lyrics to their seminal hymn, In Christ Alone, was written.

The ‘family hymn sing’ concept was conceived last year with the first episode going live on St Patrick’s Day in the first week of lockdown while the Getty’s were in Nashville. After being featured on Fox News, that week it shot to popularity with over six million total viewers over the following six months.

The Getty’s then returned to Northern Ireland to be at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, Keith commented,

“Although we are so deeply saddened on a daily basis at what is happening all around us, there is nowhere we would rather be and this has been a deeply cathartic and transformational season for us. We took time out and, even with the restrictions, we have enjoyed being able to spend time with the girls and share some memorable times together.”

The timing of the social media hit also coincides with the 20-year anniversary of the writing of the Getty’s most celebrated hymn, In Christ Alone. It is estimated that over 100million people in churches around the world have sung the famous hymn and is one of the most covered modern hymns of all time.

Keith adds,

“20 years ago Stuart Townend and I finalised the lyric for ‘In Christ Alone’ and that really was the moment that kicked off our hymn writing career and changed the course of mine and Kristyn’s life. We are deeply grateful for the way those lyrics have impacted so many around the world.”

Each new episodes of the ‘family hymn sing’ begins and ends with the Getty’s at the Grand Ole Opry House in their adopted home town of Nashville TN, but the remainder recorded in Northern Ireland. The latest episode features the family embarking on a carpool hymn karaoke around the north coast of Northern Ireland. 

The Gettys strongly believe that the time of pandemic has provided an unprecedented opportunity to build new habits of worshiping God through song in the home. In the midst of a difficult year that excitement led them to want to share resources and inspire other families around the world, helping others see how fun and simple it can be to lead your children in hymns and spiritual songs.

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