New Faith Network releases four new episodes of ‘The Origin’

What does it actually look like to live a life trusting Jesus? In the second part of New Faith Network’s UK produced documentary ‘The Origin’, we hear the powerful testimonies of four wellknown Christian leaders: Chris Lee, Mimi Ajala, Kika Ashanike and Paul Cowley. The first episode of the season will be released today (March 22), with new episodes following each Monday.

With the mission to inspire Christians globally by bringing faith based entertainment, New Faith Network has grown to be the biggest Christian streaming service in the UK. ‘The Origin’ is its first independent production.

“When the COVID-19 pandemic started, we realised that many people in the Christian community were experiencing feelings of hopelessness. As a team of Christian creatives, we thought that it was our duty to create inspiring content that would help restore our viewers’ hope and faith,” Els Griffioen, senior producer at New Faith Network, recalls. “That was when the idea of creating ‘The Origin’ occurred.”

Faith despite hardships

The first four episodes became available on New Faith Network in the end of 2020 and immediately impressed viewers. Each of the four 20-minute episodes tells the honest and heartening life stories of an important Christian pastor or preacher in the UK. We learn when and how they got into faith, if they ever faced doubt or lost their faith, and how they manage to keep their faith despite life’s hardships. The series highlights how trusting God can help us persevere through all of life’s challenges, and completely transform us. 

Hearing this, it’s no surprise that viewers have warmly welcomed ‘The Origin’. This led the team of New Faith Network to produce four more episodes.

Meet the participants

In the first episode of the second part of the series, we watch the story of Kika Ashanike. She grew up in a Nigerian family that was predominantly Muslim. At age 17 she gave her life to Jesus. She is the founder of Pure Hearts Foundation, a ministry which aims at showing women that they are loved, seen and heard by God. In the next episode, reverend Paul Cowley tells his story. He had a traumatic childhood, growing up with two alcoholic and emotionally abusive parents. As a teenager, he got involved in petty theft, which led him to prison. He later became a sergeant in the British Army. The idea of God had never even crossed his mind, until a colleague of his in the Army got saved and told him about Jesus. Episode 3 showcases the story of Mimi Ajala. She grew up in a single-parent Nigerian family in London. Her brother got shot in cold blood when she was 15. Mimi was furious at God, and didn’t want anything to do with Him anymore. But God works in mysterious ways and she now runs a big ministry. Lastly, we get to know the story of Chris Lee. He is a vicar and Instagram influencer with 180k followers. After graduating university he decided to join a friend on a Christian mission in Tanzania, where he found his true calling.

Els Griffioen:

“We hope that these new testimonies inspire everyone out there to develop a personal relationship with Jesus, and make a difference in their own communities.”

‘The Origin’ part 2 of season 1 will be released today (March 22) on

About New Faith Network

New Faith Network is a Christian online streaming service, bringing faith and family-friendly entertainment in a new, modern way. Established in 2017, New Faith Network is a market leader, active in eight countries: Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Australia and New Zealand.

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