Free Educational Webinar Sunday 28th March

Don’t Blame The Butter For What The Bread Did webinar featuring Betty Buter, Brenda Bread, Yardie Yam and Dante Dumpling on Sunday March 28th 2021 at 8pm GMT.

Have you been struggling to lose weight or are you concerned about prediabetes or Diabetes?  Then join me for this informative and engaging webinar where you learn the 3 biggest mistakes people are making with their weight loss efforts and blood sugar management and how to fix them.

Learn about the common weight-loss mistakes that, if avoided, will fix your weight loss effort and shed those extra pounds they you have been trying to lose for years

You will also learn how you can reverse prediabetes or diabetes and claim your health back in 30 to 60 days or less even though many doctors still see diabetes as a progressive disease and treat it as such and so much more…

This is sure to be an engaging and informative webinar.   ‘Click the link below ‘Register For This Webinar’ for more information and to register for this webinar.

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