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The last 12 months were filled with fear, confusion and great unpredictability. The greatest lesson I learned living through the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic, was the importance of taking control of my health.

I am a proud family man, who is depended upon by my church members and extended family overseas. I want to remain healthy in 2021 and beyond, for my wife, my children, my grandchildren, and for everybody else that needs me.

Food is a huge part of West African culture, and it’s often used to connect with others to show love and affection. And it’s really not uncommon to have mountains of delicious food on your plate at meal times.

The Better Health NHS Weight Loss Plan has really helped me to make healthier food choices. These small changes still make our traditional food taste great, and I’ve started to feel better knowing I’m doing something positive for my future health. I’ve realised it’s never too late to make a positive change, to live a more healthy life.

Making the decision to reduce weight has been easier than I would have thought, and there is so much support out there like the Better Health website which gives clear and practical advice on the simple changes you can make to living a healthier lifestyle.

As a pastor, I used to get much of my exercise dancing at church. Since I’ve stopped going due to the lockdown, I haven’t felt as active. I enjoy walking, so I’ve started to use the free Better Health app Active 10, as I’m keen to add some regular exercises to my weekly routine.

We have a real opportunity to make a change in how we live our lives, and take better care of our health. I encourage members of the Black community to take that first step and visit today. 

To learn more about the Better Health campaign, visit

PHE Better Health – Featuring Paul

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