PM visits The Tab Church to discuss vaccine uptake with church and community leaders

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has visited the Tabernacle Church in Lewisham to meet leaders of the Church and community to discuss the uptake of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Prime Minister and London Mayoral candidate, Shaun Bailey, were hosted by Pastor Michael White of the Tabernacle Church, along with other esteemed community leaders. Mr Johnson has been encouraging people from all backgrounds to take the vaccine. 

During the meeting, the Prime Minister and community leaders discussed the issues that are contributing to the low vaccine uptake; ways to increase trust in the community, and how best to combat misinformation, especially online.

Boris Johnson PM said: “The most important thing now is for everybody to take advantage of this life-saving vaccination programme. We have got to work with people’s reservations to turn it around. Thank you to all the community leaders who have shown their support, and for backing the UK vaccination programme.”

Pastor Sola Fola-Alade, from the Liberty Church in East London, said: “As a medical doctor by training, I have a responsibility to protect not just my members but the population as a whole.  While people have questions regarding the efficacy and safety of the vaccine, we must be careful about misinformation and look at the facts. We should make decisions based on facts and not on myths.”

“The Prime Minister cares deeply that all communities know the facts and have access to this life-saving vaccine,” said Theresa Roberts, business leader and community organiser. 

The Prime Minister calls on church and community leaders to continue the fight against misinformation, and to encourage vaccine uptake by building trust in all communities across the country.

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