Todd Dulaney: Worshipper with a Revelation by Ben Harrell with Milton B. Allen, Global Music Link Editorial Team

Prolific worship leader and songwriter, Todd Dulaney, has released his new single, ‘Revelation 4’ – a single derived from the Scripture that prompts us to take our cares of the world and place them at the foot of God’s throne. Dulaney combats the likes of chaos, pain and the pandemic with a voice of praise to our Father, singing: “Holy, holy, holy”.

Keep The Faith had an opportunity to speak with Todd Dulaney on revelations that have shaped his faith, music and life. “Sometimes we experience revelations that prompt us to make a change in our lives.” He also speaks of the revelation that prompted him to take his talents from baseball to gospel music. “Purpose was the revelation. Baseball had the potential to make me a really wealthy individual. However, when I realised the impact I could make in the lives of people with music, I was changed forever. I could never make this type of impact playing baseball. I get to touch and hug people from different nations. A light bulb went off in my head. I would rather live my life in purpose than chase a dollar.”

Dulaney’s purpose would birth an amazing journey in music, leading up to the release of his new single, ‘Revelation 4’. He speaks on the messages that he hopes to convey to listeners of his new single. “The simple message is this: we have to think about what’s happening around the throne right now. At all times around the throne, there are elders casting down their crowns, saying ‘Holy, holy, holy’, and this song is going to stand the test of time, because this is what we are singing: ‘Holy, holy, holy’. It helps you to take your mind off all the chaos and the pandemic, by remembering that around the throne ‘we should see beauty’.”

Dulaney has a following that has enjoyed his music for years. His music has the unique ability to bridge nations of people – located in London, several African territories, the Caribbean, Australia and so on – with the goal of lifting one voice to praise God. Dulaney says: “There is so much that goes into having a universal sound. For one, I have to realise that while I am creating this music, it is not about me; I’m going to create music that everyone can relate to. If I can create a song that everyone can sing, while keeping the attention off me, then it’s pretty much a win every time.”

Dulaney has travelled to regions where people have an organic and robust relationship with God, such as Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Zambia and so on, to share God’s Word through music. 

As a songwriter, Dulaney discusses how he puts the words together to help people dive into a place of worship. “I have to stay out of the way. I have to write from a place where I’m not writing about myself, in order to magnify the glory of God. We are writing songs for masses of people to worship, so it’s got to be about God. That in itself is an art form. The pen of a worshipper has to make sure they can pull from Him to write about Him. When I write, I have to ensure that God is the centre, and that it will resonate with His people.”

Dulaney’s mission to help people get closer to God has the world anticipating his next album, ‘Anthems & Glory’. He explains what listeners can expect. “It’s loaded. It’s my favourite album so far. I’m singing harder because I feel more confident in my ability to express myself. Even my band is expressing themselves more; plus, we have Tamela Mann, Smokie Norful, Kierra Sheard and Todd Galberth featured on the project. I always think that my next is always my best, so I really believe that this is my best.”

Dulaney’s music helps usher us into a place of peace by connecting us to our heavenly Father. Dulaney gives the world a word to help us remember that God is in control. “We have no reason to worry at all, because the One who formed the universe knew about this pandemic before the foundations of the world, and the plan for success is still up ahead. This whole pandemic is a turning towards Christ; everyone is going to bow. Every knee is going to bow and every tongue will confess, eventually, that He is Lord of all.” 

Todd Dulaney is preparing us to take our focus off the problem and turn our hearts to God for the solution. ‘Revelation 4’ is available now.

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