Make Jesus Known releases new video For Good Friday

The new video from Make Jesus Known focuses specifically on Good Friday re-telling history in under 200 seconds with the raw realities that are sometimes glossed over. Reiterating the sacrifice that was made to make sure that there is an understanding that this was done for everyone to be free. 

This spoken word speaks of the graphic details of what happened to show the fickleness of humans and the pain, suffering, shame and humiliation of what Jesus went through that day. The video was inspired by challenging conversations about what is so good about Good Friday. The MJK team hopes that by sharing this video it will inspire and encourage people to embrace this Easter period and to take steps to find out more about Jesus and what it is to have a real and honest relationship with him. 

Through the content, they want to spread an authentic message and display what it means to be this precious and loved. MJK consistently seeks to share this through their social platforms, free iTruth app and YouTube channel.

Tim Cooke, CEO of MJK said,

“This spoken word holds nothing back. The idea was to tell it straight and just share exactly what happened on that day. As a team we’d recently been discussing and had our eyes opened through an author stating that the picturesque vision of three crosses on a green hill is shared like a vision and beautiful scene but in reality Jesus was probably hung on a main road for people to mock, abuse and laugh. We wanted to share some of what that would have entailed, the truth and feeling the uncomfortable – it is in those moments and this emotion that we begin to truly understand the sacrifice that was made.”

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