The Spirit of Prayer: The Believer’s Authority on the Earth

It’s hard for us to know what impact we should have on the world. Do we have the authority to make change, or is that only the role of God? Many Christians struggle to understand when it is appropriate to act on behalf of God and take actions from their prayers.

Tolu Oyewole, a prophet and evangelist for our generation, shares a message of how we can deliver God’s will, through prayer and the unity of the Church under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

His latest release, a sequel to ‘And they shall be called the Sons of God’ discusses how to know the will of God in your life.

The Spirit of Prayer: The Believer’s Authority on the Earth is a message for Christians to learn to pray the right way. The book teaches the importance of having a relationship with God in order to know his will on Earth.

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Book topics:

  • The Meaning of Prayer
  • The Position of the Church
  • Jurisdiction
  • The Limitation of the Church
  • The Authority of the Individual Christian
  • Prophesy and Prayer
  • Praying the Right Way

God is calling every Christian to pray. There is a spirit of prayer that has been released on the Earth by God as we wade through the last days.

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