70 students in one school in Nigeria have lost parents due to violence

Over 70 children in one school in central Nigeria have lost a parent to religiously-motivated violence in the past twelve months. Fifteen-year-old Esther Dankye was on the verge of dropping out of high school as her widowed mother could not afford the fees. Christian Solidarity International (CSI) covered Esther’s fees offering the teenager hope of one day going to college and getting a good job.

Esther’s father was killed when armed assailants attacked their village of Rim in Central Nigeria’s Plateau State, shooting everyone in sight. Esther’s mother, who has no education or training, now bears sole responsibility for supporting the family.

“We go into artisanal mining to get money for food,”

Esther told CSI’s local partner, Emancipation Centre for Crisis Victims Nigeria (ECCVN). At other times, they sell firewood and work on people’s farms. However, this work is seasonal. Esther hopes to change the family fortunes when she gets a degree. But the family barely has enough for food, let alone to pay for school. 

March 15 was the deadline for registration of candidates for the 2021 West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination. In arrears with her school tuition fees, Esther was in despair. Hearing of Esther’s plight ECCVN, a local non-governmental organization advocating for welfare and rights of communities oppressed by violence, stepped in to pay her registration fee with funds provided by CSI.

For more information visit, http://www.csi-usa.org.

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