Called to Be Friends – Unlocking the Heart of John’s Gospel

Is it really possible to accept Jesus’ invitation and become a friend of God? To know God is one of humanity’s deepest desires – but how can it happen?
Called to Be Friends is the result of exciting new research that unlocks the pattern of the Gospel of John to answer these questions.

Ian Galloway reveals that John was written as a literary ‘temple’ that invites the reader inside to meet the person of Jesus. It is constructed as an elegant sequence of narrative panels, each with a section of the Old Testament written in underneath, to create a biblically rich space where the reader can encounter Jesus. The author’s narrative analysis breaks new ground, but Called to Be Friends is written for everyone, and unlocks this beloved Gospel in a fresh and accessible way.

‘Immediately engaging, Ian Galloway’s fascinating book provides a refreshingly new approach to John’s Gospel.’

Terry Virgo

‘The secret of the Gospel of John is that, by reading it slowly and attentively, you can not only meet the living Jesus but also grow into deeper and deeper friendship with him. Ian Galloway opens up this secret in a vivid, accessible, and surprising way.’

David F. Ford, Regius Professor of Divinity Emeritus, University of Cambridge

Ian Galloway is Director of the Free Church Track at Cranmer Hall, Durham University, where he trains and mentors existing and emerging church leaders. A church leader himself for over thirty years, with a team of six friends he planted and led what has become City Church Newcastle, now a diverse community of hundreds that serves the North East and beyond

Called to Be Friends Unlocking the Heart of John’s Gospel
Ian Galloway
Published by Hodder and Stoughton on May 27,
2021 in £14.99 Trade Paperback

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