Foster a child – You may have more to offer than you think

Foster carers play a vital role in looking after children and change lives with their love and support. Your care really makes a difference and helps young people achieve their best.

Many people hold back from enquiring thinking they need to own their home or that their faith may hold them back, which is untrue. There is no standard foster carer and just like the young people in their care Islington carers come from a range of ethnicities, backgrounds and beliefs.

If you’ve had children or have worked with young people, you will have life skills you can use.
Fostering is increasingly considered a career choice with generous allowances and a wide selection of training available to help build your skills. Islington carers receive 24-hour support from the service and benefit from strong peer support from the Islington Foster Carer’s Association. 

You don’t need educational qualifications but you do need space in your heart and a room in your home. Think this may be for you?

 Then why not call today to start your journey, 020 7527 7933 or
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