Rwandan media personality fundraises to launch Christian radio station

Nicodeme Nzahoyankuye is a Rwandan media personality with extensive background in media ministry. With seven years of experience in media ministry, he has been nominated for, and won, several awards, including; The Groove Awards, Rwanda Broadcasters excellence awards, Peace and Reconciliation Awards and Best gospel radio promoter of the year.

Nicodeme Nzahoyankuye is a warrior for Jesus with a heart a passion of sharing the gospel of Jesus through media. He has initiated several healing and gospel festivals in his home country, Rwanda; one of which was The Rabagirana Festival, a leading gospel event.

His dream is to open a Christian radio station, which will allow him to bring the gospel closer to remote communities of Rwanda. The station will focus on the word of God ,healing the inner wounds and reconciliation.

“We are praying that God can open doors.” 

said Nicodeme in an interview.

Nicodeme Nzahoyankuye extends the invitation to every believer in the World to pray for this vision, and partner with him in this initiative, stating:

‘’I humbly request for prayers for this initiative.”

You can find out more by reaching out to Nicodeme via email:

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