The Church of England Ministry Experience Scheme

MES is a unique initiative that gives young adults, from all backgrounds, the space and time away from the pressures of modern life to test God’s calling on their lives. If you are aged 18-30 and looking for a year-long opportunity to explore what God is calling you to, then MES could be for you.

Jassen Garcia saw doing an MES year as a very important step into obeying God’s calling for her life. She said,

“I look forward to growing more as a disciple of Christ in prayer, Bible reading and serving the church. I want to use my theological education, ministry skills, and God-given gifts to serve. I am excited to assist the church leaders in any area where help is needed. I hope to be involved in music ministry and leading worship, also leading Bible studies for women and youth. I believe that through this year I will be able to honour and glorify God.”

Every participant’s year can look different but is formed around practical ministry experience, such as kids and youth work; chaplaincy; community work; preaching; digital media; pastoral visiting or event organisation. The year will also include some theological study which can be tailored to you – it doesn’t matter if you have no prior experience of theology or already have a degree in it.

For many MES has been a step towards ordination or other church ministry; others say they have a clearer sense of God’s purpose as disciples in wider society and the workplace.

MES is free to do with expenses provided. In 2021-22 there are opportunities across 28 locally based schemes in the UK and Europe. If you would like to be one of the 100+ participants involved, please visit our website to make an enquiry.

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