How to Eat Bread: 21 Nourishing Ways to Read the Bible

‘Miranda gives us the confidence to sit and taste the Bible’s profound and life- changing goodness.’

-Stephen Cottrell, Archbishop of York

‘exhilarating and hands-on … Miranda Threlfall-Holmes provides a fantastic guide’

-Fergus Butler-Gallie author of A Field Guide to the English Clergy

As a vicar, Miranda Threlfall-Holmes is used to being asked to recommend a book on how and why to read the Bible. Filling the gap between popular Bible reading notes and more academic books, How to Eat Bread is the book she’d give to anyone wanting to explore the Bible as part of their faith.
Its three main sections delve into the rich heritage of how Christians have read the Bible down the ages:

From the Larder
Ways that scripture itself uses other parts of scripture, or models and demonstrates different ways of reading

Grandma’s Recipe Book
Historical methods of biblical interpretation

Molecular Gastronomy

The insights and methods of modern theological hermeneutics

Encouraging readers to try out a variety of tried and tested ways of Bible reading, experiment with different ingredients and sample the results, How to Eat Bread is a refreshingly hands-on approach to understanding this ancient library of texts.

‘I offer this book to you in the hope that it will fundamentally change your approach to reading the Bible. I don’t want you to read it purely as an academic or intellectual exercise; I want you to try it out. Experiment. Treat it like a well-loved recipe book, making notes in the margins if you try a substitution that works well for you or had a culinary disaster. Substitute ingredients or see what happens if you try out a new and experimental combination of two or more of the techniques given here.’

– Miranda Threlfall-Holmes

Miranda Threlfall-Holmes is a well-known writer, historian and public speaker and is currently Team Rector of the
St Luke in the City, Liverpool. She is passionate about popularising and explaining complex ideas for a nonspecialist audience and has written for publications including the Church Times and the Guardian. She is the author of six previous books

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