Lifting the Lies of Limitation

Bishop Barrington A. Mullings’s debut book, titled Capacity Expansion and Development is an enthralling and thoroughly practical leadership guidance masterpiece of relevant theory and applicable strategy.  It is created as “an essential resource for supporting others to grow and develop their God-given capacities” regardless of their background, age, or status.

Its core aims focus on combatting spiritual stagnation by correcting wrong concepts; exploring vital biblical truths to flourish in capacity and giftings; and applying critical principles to advance maturity. These include prayer, peer-conversation, personal reflection, supervision, and scriptural study.

This is a call to ‘release the handbrake’ on our spiritual lives: to recognise the vast, untapped potential within the church, and so within our own lives.

Dr Peter Rea, PhD, Academic Dean,
Nazarene Theological College – Manchester, UK

Published by AuthorHouse, this “must have” flagship training resource from the School of Ministerial Excellence (SOME) is borne out of the wealth of experience and sincere passion of a transformational servant-leader intent on reaching and teaching the masses to efficiently identify, utilise and develop their gifts for God’s glory. After being frequently told by his own father and teachers that he “would never amount to anything of worth” in a world “predetermined by abject poverty”, Bishop Mullings writes, having been powerfully delivered from severe self-doubt, low self-esteem, and crippling depressive thoughts and redeemed to full acceptance of God’s promises and the recognition of the position of significance that God calls all His people to.

Bishop Mullings shares, “I came to realise that I have acquired a deeper understanding of the vital aspects of my capacity while affording opportunities for the development of such precious souls through the engaging and invaluable processes in which I participated with them.” This new book and its accompanying life application exercises are specifically designed to fulfil this Spirit-led mandate.

Highly recommended for established and emerging leaders and laity alike, the Administrative Bishop of the New Testament Church of God (NTCG), Bishop Donald Bolt, officially endorses Capacity Expansion and Development as a riveting blueprint “to all who wish to make a positive impact in the lives of those they lead…and bring about God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven”.

Bishop Barrington Mullings is an anointed preacher who carries a deep passion for mission and leadership development. He holds extensive ministerial credentials and a wealth of church leadership expertise as an ordained bishop currently serving the Manchester District of NTCG and as Senior Pastor of the Brooks’ Bar NTCG for thirteen years. He has also served as a National Executive Council member for four years and on the National Education Board for ten years. An avid cook and sportsman with a love for athletics, he is married to Maxine, and they live in Manchester with their son and daughter.

You can purchase Capacity Expansion and Development online at AuthorHouse, Barnes & Noble and Amazon. All proceeds of the book will be donated to the NTCG Brooks’ Bar Building Project dedicated to serving the church and wider community. For further information, visit NTCG Brooks’ Bar Building Fund or email

– Barrington Mullings

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