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He who finds a wife finds a good thing…

Rupert & Carmel got married at
registry office in 1961

Rupert and Carmel Anderson celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary earlier this year.  They are happy and still in love! Who wouldn’t want that?

“It got me thinking”, writes Iona Anderson, daughter of Rupert and Carmel, “Surely, it’s better to wait on God for real love, than to be with someone who you know deep down, you’re not meant to be with?”

Iona Anderson, founder of DateSmart®

Iona, who is the founder of DateSmart®, a new dating site run by Christians for Christians, believes that single Christian men can learn a lot from her Dad. She said Rupert came to the UK in 1959 by ship. He worked and saved his money for 2 years so Carmel could come over by plane. Iona, who is the eldest of Rupert and Carmel’s six children, agrees with her sister Angela that while it must have been tough for their parents being apart for 2 years, Rupert had his eyes on the prize which was always going to be their Mum.

Here are 3 principles on finding a wife:

1. Be who God wants you to be

Rupert was a committed Christian before he married Carmel and still is.  His strong Christian faith and values have filtered into every area of his life. Rupert is kind, generous, keeps his word, is respectful and respected, shows gratitude, is considerate and has a great sense of humour!

2. Choose wisely

Rupert & Carmel today

Rupert chose Carmel, not only because he was attracted to her, but it was also her good character that he observed over a period of time, that made him fall in love with Carmel and adore her.

3.  Serve God and others

Rupert has always been active in the church, taking on various roles. He also reaches out to others and is a great encourager. As reported by many of their friends and family at their Zoom diamond wedding celebration earlier this year. Incidentally, Rupert likes to keep up with changes and has become an expert in using his mobile and Zoom. He also fully supports single people using dating sites.  And how old is he? 86!

Christian men who desire a wife…trust God’s timing. He who finds a wife finds a good thing!


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