Christian Author Promises to Give Hope to Struggling Marriages and Relationships

Divorce is on the rise. This is a fact. According to the Office for National Statistics, a whopping 42% of marriages end in divorce. This is nearly half. With more people choosing not to get married, we do not have the statistics for long-term relationships that break down, and the effects that lockdown has had on relationships is still being assessed.

There is clearly an issue. But what does it take to create and maintain a successful marriage? Margaret Bankole from Thurrock is hoping to shed some light with the release of her new book, Story of My Sunesis of 32 Years of Marriage. Margaret and her husband Tawa have been married for 32 years, they have four children, and their hearts’ desire is to help more marriages to last and thrive. The book contains practical solutions to issues such as money management, communication, and caring for each other. Margaret and Tawa are Pastor of a church in London, but the book is not written for Christians alone. It is written for everyone wanting to achieve longevity and happiness in their relationship.

“Why did we call this ‘My Sunesis of 32 years of Marriage’? ‘Sunesis’ means wisdom. It also means understanding. It is about our wisdom and understanding of marriage. We hope that people will glean the nuggets from this book and apply it to their own marriage or relationship,” says Margaret.

Margaret has worked in the legal industry for over 30 years, and she has been counselling couples for over 25 years. During this time, she has helped couples and individuals tackle a range of issues. The book is based on her real-life experience, and she also draws on the experience of others, whilst protecting their confidentiality. As an established author with 3 books, with the first book translated into French and Yoruba, we can expect more nuggets of wisdom soon.

-Haddy Folivi 

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