Evangelical Alliance Launches Landmark Young Adults Resource

The Evangelical Alliance is launching 7 Conversations, a full suite of multi-media resources, to help leaders in local settings reach, engage and disciple 20s and 30s.

7 Conversations, which comprises a virtual environment, short films, a guide and accompanying blogs, outlines recent generational changes, exploratory questions for leaders and stories of innovation. Its key themes and recommendations, the culmination of two years of research and hundreds of consultations, are set to inspire local churches in their efforts to engage a generation.

Phil Knox, head of mission to young adults at the Evangelical Alliance, says:

This project has been years in the making and we are longing for it to have an impact. I am convinced this is a crucial moment for us as the church and our relationship with younger generations. I am full of hope that this resource can help us grow deeper intergenerational bonds and see many 20s and 30s come to faith in Jesus.

7 Conversations is set in the different rooms of a house, as these spaces illustrate the journey leaders are encouraged to go on with 20s and 30s. Phil says:

We invite you to spend some time as a church in our virtual ‘home’, watching the videos, reading the blogs, and digesting the booklet. As we emerge slowly from the pandemic, it’s crucial we ask the deeper questions about the future of evangelism and church life.

7 Conversations is part of the Evangelical Alliance’s wider work developing mission to young adults. Preceded by Is the ‘missing generation still missing?, which was released in spring 2021, it too follows the charity’s 2009 Missing Generation report, which found that in 1985-2005 the numbers of those in their 20s attending church on a Sunday more than halved. The report also found that reaching young adults was a top priority for 96 percent of church leaders, yet only 11 percent felt sufficiently resourced in this area.

To find out more and explore 7 Conversations, which has been made freely available for all to use, go to: eauk.org/7-conversations

Written by: Helen Locke

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