Minister Taf – Ena Minyma (A Message)

Minister Taf Releases Feel-Good And Message-Heavy Gospel/Reggae EP

On the 17th of June 2021 award winning Minister Taf is set to drop his latest captivating EP entitled “Ena Minyma (A Message)”. The seven-track gospel/reggae EP features the talented Fiona Yorke with her amazing backing vocals. The EP contains every element to get listeners motivated and uplifted. Produced by Jvmmie Jae, mixed, and mastered by MOBO winning producer Victizzle, with great artwork from DaddioGfx.

“Ena Minyma” takes the listener on a musical journey with a nostalgic gospel-style combined with a modern reggae sound. The vocals and uplifting instrumentation seamlessly work together for a must-listen record. “Ena Minyma” contains lyricism that will hook the listener due to its captivating storytelling. Influenced by God, the lyricism will uplift, encourage, and motivate people to serve, as well as never giving up during difficult times. The powerful instrumentation in each track gives the vocal an intimate, radiant feeling. With catchy lyricism, this talented artist maintains a fully charged arsenal of high-octane music that supports the fact that he is set to make a strong impact on the music industry, as well as people’s souls. This release is a testament to Minister Taf’s versatility as a musician and his innate talent. “Ena Minyma” offers feel-good instrumentation with a strong message that will have listeners wanting more. Minister Taf states that while writing the track “Faithful,” he was reminded how faithful God has been to him, especially during difficult times. This track amongst others is written from personal experience and he believes others will be able to relate.

The entire project is one to listen to, and a message in every song, the EP will be available on all digital platforms on June 17th, 2021.

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Review from Theo Manderson (Premier Gospel Radio)
Minister Taf writes songs that bring a message of hope and the promises of God. He informs us that you can be an overcomer no matter what your background is. His music brings you back to the sunshine of Jamaica with dancehall undertones and catchy melodies. His music will have you dancing and singing along as it brings hope to your situation.

About Minister Taf
Jamaica-born, UK-based Minister Taf is an emerging gospel/reggae artist, singer, and songwriter set to take the scene by storm. The talented musician is quickly poised to make waves in the industry with his uplifting sound and style. Through his emotion-filled vocal performances, Minister Taf radiates raw emotion through explosive instrumentation. Inspired by his life experiences, Taf strives to empower, uplift, and encourage people through his message. The quickly rising artist seeks to save souls and make a difference in the lives of others. Having toured internationally, Minister Taf will have any listener engulfed in the musical world he creates with his no-frills approach and realness. Undoubtedly, Minister Taf is an artist to watch as he is set to become an established name in the scene.

Written by: Ven Spence

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