You are a leader no matter what you do in life!

New book to ‘reset the mindset of the Church’

  • Live and Lead Like Jesus by Tommy Stewart
  • Book is the ‘great reset of the mindset of the Church’
  • Author helping develop new Youth for Christ International leadership programme due to launch this autumn

You are a leader no matter what you do in life because you have accepted Christ. That is the groundbreaking message from author and leadership consultant Tommy Stewart in his debut book, Live and Lead Like Jesus.

Tommy, who is currently working on a new leadership programme for Youth for Christ International, which launches this autumn, hopes his book will reset the mindset of the Church globally.

Leaders, he says, are not just those who stand at the front of services on a Sunday or the CEO of an organisation – it is anyone who has accepted Jesus.

He says, “Live and Lead Like Jesus is not just for those in leadership roles or preparing for one. It’s for everyone who believes in Jesus because he calls us to be leaders. It’s about living like him as well as leading like him. They are inseparable in my mind and I want to reshape the mindset of the church globally.

“Throughout the pandemic, we heard the phrase the ‘great reset’. In many ways, this book is the great reset of the mindset of the church of believers to see every believer as a leader, rather than the just the people at the front.

“Romans 5:17 says that we receive God’s abundant provision of grace and of the gift of righteousness,” explains Tommy. “But if you continue to read the verse, it explains that we have received this so we can reign in this life in Christ.

“Live and Lead Like Jesus helps people determine how they can have an impact and influence on the world so they can reign with him.

“Everybody has influence over other people: family members, colleagues, or fellow church members. Influence is something to use for good or bad. Having influence with people is the foundation of being a leader and we all have the opportunity to use this for good.”

Author helps develop new Youth for Christ International leadership programme

Tommy completed Live and Lead Like Jesus as he began work on developing a new leadership programme for Youth for Christ International, which is due to launch this autumn.

Tommy, who is Chair of Youth for Christ International in Northern Ireland, says writing the book helped him shape the programme.

Youth for Christ International recognises that organisations are only as strong and sustainable as its leaders,” he says. “We need to develop new leaders and those with experience to develop potential for all ages. Intergenerational leadership is the key to successful leadership and in acknowledging this, Youth for Christ International is developing this programme to embrace this.

The Youth For Christ International Leadership Academy will have 30 leadership modules, a number of which will based on insights from Live and Lead Like Jesus. The book, therefore, complements the new course, which launches later this year.

The course will initially be launched in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East before being made available globally. Tommy says this will help embed leadership development as a key pillar in the future development of leaders in approaching 120 nations in which Youth for Christ International operates.

About the author
Tommy Stewart, who lives near Belfast, has been in leadership in the church, business, and charity world for 35 years.

After graduating, he was a youth worker with the YMCA on a cross-community basis to help resolve conflict issues with young teenagers. He then went on to manage educational projects in inner-city areas of Belfast before becoming a local authority manager in conflict resolution.

Tommy set up an independent consultancy almost 20 years ago which supported local government and communities across Ireland to engage positively in community development rather than community violence.

More recently, Tommy has taken a key role in helping Christian charities with governance both locally and globally. This has primarily been with Youth for Christ International in Northern Ireland, where he is Chair. He has also helped shape a leadership academy globally for Youth for Christ International and teaches Bible Society leaders in Europe and the Middle East.

Tommy is also part of a global leadership team at Arrow Leadership, a leadership programme birthed by Leighton Ford, brother-in-law of the late Billy Graham.

For more details about Live and Lead Like Jesus, visit the Issachar Global website.

Written by: Sophie Green

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