Grants To Help Keep Your Church In Good Repair From The National Churches Trust

Church buildings are key places where communities come together for worship and community activities. Over the last eighteen months, churches have provided much-needed support for so many people; from becoming vaccination centres to offering counselling, from foodbanks to credit unions. We know how churches across the UK are providing essential services for people in need.  

We help protect these vital life-changing buildings through our grants programmes.  Our grants are available to any Christian place of worship in the UK whether a medieval Grade I Listed building or a more modern unlisted church, as long as they are open for regular worship.

Last year we allocated £1.7million of grants for urgent repairs, essential maintenance, and the installation of community facilities. In the last ten years, we have awarded over 1,500 grants totalling £14 million.

We are aware that this year many churches are suffering financially due to being asked to close for long periods of time and therefore being unable to raise income, rom repairing a roof to helping to install facilities like toilets and kitchens, our grants can help your church continue to be in good repair and serving your community


We often take our churches for granted, thinking that they will always be there, doors open and welcoming.  That is, until one day the roof starts leaking or bits of stonework start to fall off. Maintenance can seem like a daunting prospect and can easily be put off, but sometimes, taking care of the smaller things can help prevent bigger problems later down the line.  This is why we also provide maintenance grants to help with keeping your church building in good condition, now and in the future.


If you want to find out more, our free grant workshops are designed to help you find out more about how we can help your church. Please do join our next online workshop on Wednesday 21 July.

Visit the National Churches Trust Webpage HERE 

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