World Vision Launches ‘Chosen’ Initiative In The UK – Empowering Children To Make A Life-Changing Choice


To celebrate the UK launch of its pioneering child sponsorship initiative ‘Chosen’, international children’s charity World Vision UK is searching for kind-hearted candidates for the opportunity of a lifetime; to empower children in need of support to choose their own sponsor, enabling them to take hold of their future and help transform their communities.

As the nation continues to seek ways to spread positivity following the pandemic, World Vision reports an increase of 112% in the uptake of child sponsorship in the UK since the outbreak of COVID-19. For charitable Brits seeking a unique opportunity, Chosen flips the traditional model of child sponsorship by putting the power to choose a sponsor in the hands of children across the world, giving them the chance to create change in their own lives.

Potential sponsors are asked to submit a photograph which is sent to a community in need and displayed at a choosing party. Children can then choose the person, couple, or family they’d like as a sponsor.

For those inspired to be Chosen, World Vision has revealed some of the requirements children involved in the charities programme in Pajule, Uganda were looking for in a sponsor. When asked, the children shared a variety of reasons, including having nice smiles and beautiful, colourful clothes, while seeing fellow children in their potential sponsors photographs also proved popular. In addition, a key factor in making the choice for many children was seeing people that appeared friendly, kind, and caring, who the children could share stories about their own families and communities with.

Jeremiah Nyagah, Programmes Director at World Vision Uganda, says of the importance of choice for each child,

In my 16 years working for World Vision I have never experienced something as transformational as Chosen. From the moment you give a child the chance to choose their sponsor, their future opens up to more choices and chances — as they’re empowered to change their lives, their community, and their futures for good.

In addition, I have experienced how emotional it is for a sponsor to be chosen. It is special and this experience develops an incredible bond between the child and the sponsor as they engage in a journey of transformation where both the child and the sponsor experience the change.

For over 70 years, World Vision child sponsors have chosen to support children vulnerable to the worst risks, in the most difficult situations. Donations through child sponsorship have helped fund community-focused solutions in almost 100 countries across the world – providing long-term, sustained support for genuine development that benefits the child, their family, and their community.

Ben Nolan, Director of Public Engagement at World Vision UK added,

We are very excited to bring Chosen to the UK. Together UK sponsors can stand with whole communities, as they bring real transformation, hope, and opportunities to the lives of those living in some of the world’s toughest places. Chosen is a small change that is making a big difference.

There are children around the world waiting to be chosen today. For more information on how to be Chosen with World Vision visit

Written by: Sophie Conway 

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