Black Children Are Waiting For Adoptive Families!

North West Agency, Adoption Now’s plea for more adopters from Black heritages.

There are many children across the country waiting for safe and loving families who can adopt them, but the sad fact is Black children can often wait longer to be adopted.

The recent ‘Adopted and Looked-after children report’, shows that Black boys of African descent waited on average 1,302 days to be found new families, whereas children from mixed-race backgrounds waited 996 days and White British children around 919 days.

Children waiting to be adopted come from a range of backgrounds and need parents who can help them to embrace their heritages, understand their identities, and learn about their cultures.

In 2019 only 3% of adopters approved were from Black or Black British heritages, which has sparked fresh calls to encourage a more diverse range of people to come forward and consider adoption.

Adoption Now has joined forces with other adoption agencies across the country to promote the #YouCanAdopt recruitment campaign which aims to bust myths around who is eligible to adopt.

Many people may not be aware that there are very few criteria people need to meet to be able to adopt, you need to be aged over 21 years old and live in the UK. Other factors such as ethnicity, religion, or marital status do not prevent people from becoming adopters.

You don’t need lots of money in the bank or to own your own huge home, you can even have birth children already. Don’t rule yourself out because love, time, and commitment are the three most important attributes you need to adopt.

So, if you’re thinking about adopting a child or children chances are you can!

You can be the difference in the lives of children who need a safe, secure, and loving home; so why not take that first step and speak to the Adoption Now team on 01204 336096 or find out more at

Written by: Sarah-Jayne Gilligan

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