New Book by Dr. Grace Sola-Oludoyi

Let’s Talk Marriage – And no topic is off the table.”

This new marriage book is a – what you always wanted to know – Q&A for anyone interested in marriage.

Whether you are happily married, struggling in marriage, engaged to get married, desiring to get married, interested in marriage, out of marriage or simply curious. Whatever the case, this book will be a valuable investment in your life and relationship.

Written by Dr. Grace Sola-Oludoyi, I Need Answers – 30 Commonly asked questions on marriage, will help any couple not only understand the reasons behind the causes of these common marital dilemmas but give practical solutions to resolve them.

Get REAL answers to questions like:

Why do I feel lonely in my marriage?
Should I submit to my laid-back husband?
Genotypes and marriage
Why did my husband have an affair?
Can I divorce and remarry?
Why does my wife always nag?
What do I do if my mother-in-law is undermining me?

And other topics on dating outside your faith, and satisfying your spouse in the bedroom.

This book will help you gain biblical insights for your marriage, and cut right to the heart of each matter.

About the Author

Pastor (Dr) Grace Sola-Oludoyi (or PGSO, as she is fondly known), is a qualified psychiatrist, the Executive Pastor, and COO in RCCG Royal Connections, London, and Regional Mother in RCCG Europe Region Continent 3.

She is the author of several books, 50 Lessons Life Has Taught Me, 10 Commandments of Dating, Engagement, and Marriage, I Pronounce You Husband and Wife, Golden Seven, and 7 things every parent owes their child amongst others.

Dr. Grace is married to Pastor (Dr) David Sola Oludoyi, the pastor in charge of the RCCG Europe Continent Region 3. She is a committed supporter of her husband. They are blessed with three children.

To find out more about the book ‘I Need Answers – 30 Commonly asked questions on marriage’ and connect with Dr. Grace Sola-Oludoyi, go to

The book is out now. Available on Amazon.

Written by: Kimberley and the team at Divine Flow Publishing

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