New Wellbeing Resource Built On Spirituality And Positive Psychology Will Help Young People To Live Life Well

Research from the World Health Organisation consistently scores the UK poorly in international league tables on childhood happiness. As concerns continue to mount over the numbers of young people who are struggling with poor mental health – numbers which have increased as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic – the Ugly Duckling Company (UDC) has launched 10:10, an innovative resource designed to help young people discover the difference that living well can have on their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Designed for use in churches, schools, youth clubs, and community groups, 10:10 has been supported by a £60,000 grant over two years from Allchurches Trust.

With at least 30 hours of adaptable material, 10:10 can be used in small groups, lessons, assemblies, and lunchtime clubs. It is designed to enable youth workers, chaplains, and teachers to create meaningful and helpful spaces with young people, both in and outside the church, giving them the opportunity to discover the difference a 10:10 life can make.

10:10 is an innovative wellbeing resource to help young people discover how to live their best life

Chantel Cotton, a Youth Worker from Hope Church in Bromley Borough who has been part of the trials of 10:10, said:

We have thoroughly enjoyed using the 10:10 material with our church youth group. Every session we have been able to engage in in-depth discussions around the topic. We have particularly liked the discussion cards, we found these to be a fun way to navigate our discussion times. The material is clear with lots of exciting new content for each session. We have already recommended it to other local churches!

10 themes built on spirituality and positive psychology give 11-17 year-olds the opportunity to explore different ideas around happiness and the art of living life well

10:10 seeks to explore wellbeing from the foundations of what we know helps people to live well. Built on the foundations of positive psychology and spirituality, it explores ideas like thankfulness, kindness, forgiveness, healthy relationships, coping strategies, and how to look after the mind, body, and soul. The resource features a series of films, expert content, group discussions, creative exercises, experiments, and additional downloadable resources.

Director of the Ugly Duckling Company, Sharon Lanfear, said: “The aim at the end of the course is for young people to be able to apply all they have discovered, be equipped to flourish and pursue a good and meaningful life. Without this funding support from Allchurches Trust, the 10:10 resource may not have been possible, and we’re delighted that they have shown faith in the project, recognising its potential in building confidence and resilience in young people, and having a positive, long-term impact on their wellbeing.”

Grants Officer from Allchurches Trust, Paul Playford, added:

10:10 is a unique resource for teachers, youth workers, and churches as they seek to support young people through the very real challenges that they are struggling with.

Paul continued: “The benefits that spirituality can bring to wellbeing are often underestimated and through this resource, young people will be supported to explore their spirituality, grow their self-worth and be given the tools to support their wellbeing, to be kind to themselves and others.”

Martin Saunders, Director of Innovation and Deputy CEO at the charity YouthScape, who has written numerous youth work resources, said: 

It is absolutely vital, perhaps more now than ever, that we invest in the emotional wellbeing of our children and young people. I have no doubt that this resource will enable schools, churches, youth leaders, and parents to help young people stay healthy and happy, and better understand themselves.

Revd Canon Dave Male, Director of Evangelism and Discipleship for the Church of England, added: “This is another great resource from UDC to help churches connect with young people and help them discover what a flourishing life really is. This kind of resource is hugely important at this time and I recommend it to all church leaders.”

For schools, churches, youth clubs, and community groups looking to find out more about the 10:10 course or order your copy please visit, and between now and the end of September there is a discount off the full price for anyone using the code TenTen at check out.

Written by: Alice Morris

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