Newsela and TAYO Fatunla Making History

Newsela and KTF contributor/Gospel humour cartoonist, TAYO Fatunla, have announced a new content licensing partnership to supplement high-quality reading materials with original illustrations. 

TAYO is a recipient of the Crayon De Porcelaine Award for his contribution to international press cartoons, and was recognised in 2018 with an East Coast Black Age of Comics (ECBACC) Pioneer Lifetime Achievement Award. “I am very excited to partner with Newsela with my cartoon documentary drawings, and to know that we are making history,” says TAYO.

Newsela offers authentic, relevant instructional content at five reading levels, ranging from current events and popular culture to primary sources, historical fiction, and examples of real-world phenomena. 

TAYO’s educational illustrated cartoon series, OUR ROOTS, which documents Black History, spans three decades of work, and has appeared in educational materials, newsletters and newspapers around the world, including Keep The Faith magazine. Together, Newsela and TAYO will use the power of his illustrations to bring text content to life on Newsela, starting with Newsela’s 2021 Black History Month collections of TAYO’s OUR ROOTS

TAYO’s OUR ROOTS book Volume 2 compilation is due out in October. 

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