The Africa Worship Experience Part 2

by Segodi Leshalabe with Milton B. Allen, Global Music Link Editorial Team

South African artists united in worship under the African skies

The concept of unity is one that has always existed even from ancient times, one that has been shown to strengthen the collective abilities of those united in it. In the book of Genesis, when mankind united to build the Tower of Babel, which they hoped would enable them to reach the heavens, we hear God expressing how powerful it is being united as one. He says in Genesis 11:6 – “If, as one people speaking the same language, they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.” In South Africa, one movement that has taken the concept of unity to heart is a movement called MegaGospel. For 10 years it has worked tirelessly to unite artists, often bringing them together to praise and worship in unity.

With the COVID-19 pandemic regulations still in full force in South Africa, the movement opted to celebrate their 10-year anniversary via a virtual concert that featured a host of leading South African worshippers. The evening included various award-winning artists, like Bongi & Collin, Lebohang Kgapola, KeMoriti (formerly known as Karabo), Mabongi, Janine Price, Kingdmusic, and Thando Makhaphela. For close to two hours, they sang songs of praise and worship, including several collaborations where they all sang together in unity on stage – a testament of being one and speaking the same language, just as it was in the book of Genesis. The entire concert was shown online via, thus helping bring together worshippers from around the globe to join in worship under the African skies. The success of the event prompted organisers to start looking at bringing in artists from other countries, like the UK and the US, for future editions or even taking the event there. “Our goal remains to turn this into a global movement of worship and praise, bringing together artists and audiences from across the world for a common cause,” said the movement’s founder. Just as Jesus said “…it is by the love that you share, that they will know you are My disciples”, our aim is to see this love being spread across the global family of the Body of Christ.

The evening was a remarkable success, with the featured artists having nothing but great comments to say about it afterwards. The award-winning husband-and-wife duo, Bongi & Collin, shared how amazing it has been to see the movement grow from strength to strength, especially given they have been there since its conception 10 years ago. Another featured artist, who has been with the movement from the beginning, Karabo (now known as KeMoriti), expressed how it had been a nice experience collaborating with other artists to share and minister through their God-given talents and gifts. Karabo is no stranger to gospel music platforms, having won multiple awards at the Crown Gospel Music Awards in South Africa, and even going all the way to win an African Gospel Music Award in London, UK, a few years ago. Janine Price, who has been in the music industry for many years now, made her first appearance on the movement stage and expressed how the whole set-up felt like one big family, thus making everyone feel at ease. Lebohang Kgapola, who recently did a duet with Grammy-nominated Todd Dulaney, and who also performed in London in 2018, shared how the organisation of the event had been professionally done, so it was easy for everyone involved to tap in and play their role. Even Mabongi, who has been there for a few years with MegaGospel, Kingdmusic, and Thando, who were making their first appearances, all shared positive sentiments about their experiences from the Worship Night. Audiences following the event online also gave the Worship Night a thumbs up.

All in all, despite the COVID-19 pandemic challenges, MegaGospel still helped spread the good news to audiences globally, and continues to do so as the Worship Night remains available online. As the book of Psalm 133 says: “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people dwell together in unity!” and MegaGospel intends to be an enabler of exactly that, for many years to come.

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