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Grammy-nominated artist, Todd Dulaney, is a prolific worshipper and songwriter who delivers his latest and greatest in Anthems & Glory. Dulaney’s new album, which was recorded live in Chicago, brings the written word to life in the form of worship. The album includes 17 tracks that are sure to turn listeners’ pain into praise.

Keep The Faith speaks with Todd Dulaney and reviews Anthems & Glory to give the world an idea of what makes this album special. Dulaney shares what listeners can expect from his new album: “It’s loaded, it’s my favourite album so far. I’m singing harder because I feel more confident in my ability to express myself. Even my band is expressing themselves more! Plus, we have Tamela Mann, Smokie Norful, Kierra Sheard and Todd Galberth featured on the project. I always think my next is always my best, so I really believe that this is my best.”

The ‘best’ is a great way to describe this masterpiece. We begin by taking a look at each track, one song at a time.

Todd Dulaney

The Power of Praise

Track #1 ‘Overture’ – This song sets the stone by reminding us that Jesus pulls us through our storms. ‘Victory Belongs to Jesus!’ takes Dulaney back to a similar theme from his favourite part of Africa: Uganda. “Uganda did something in our hearts. There, we were able to touch the people. We were able to see how people, who don’t have as much as you, can have more joy and authority in Christ. It was the best experience of my life, and we ministered there. 75,000 people came out. We were overwhelmed with support for ‘Victory Belongs to Jesus’ (To Africa With Love).”

Track #2 ‘Prayer’ – This track ushers in the Holy Spirit and sets the tone through prayer. A prayer to the King of kings and the Lord of lords, with the proclamation: “There is one God.”

Track #3 ‘Opening Flow’ – With lively drumbeats and praise from the choir, this track invites the listener to break into dance. ‘Lift up your hands, open your mouth!’

Track #4 ‘Come A Little Closer’ ‘There’s joy in the room that’s why I really wanna be where You are.’ This song invites you to come a little closer to Jesus to get to know who He is.

Track #5 ‘My Weapon’ ‘My praise is my weapon tonight.’ The enemy may try to attack us but we will use our praise to confuse the enemy. Dulaney reminds us this is a spiritual battle, so we need to fight accordingly. There is no fear in love.

Track #6 ‘Psalm 18’ is a love song, a song that acknowledges everything God is to us. ‘I will call on the Name of the Lord, who is worthy to be praised.’ Dulaney embodies the emotion David must have felt as he was delivered from his enemies.

Track #7 ‘Psalm 23’‘I will fear no evil.’ When we dwell in the house of the Lord, we have no reason to fear. His goodness and His mercy are enough. Dulaney masterfully brings this well-known chapter of the Bible to life.

Track #8 ‘Bless Your Name’ ‘I was made to give You glory.’ Dulaney reminds us to seek the face of our King. We praise His Name because that’s what we were created to do. This song gives honour where honour is due.

Track #9 ‘Glory Flow’‘We give You the glory.’ Open your mouth and praise. ‘My God, You reign forever and always.’

Track #10 ‘Yes’ ‘Yes, Lord.’ It’s a moment of saying Yes to our Lord. Let His will be done. I trust and will follow You.

Track #11 ‘All I Need’ – Just a moment with Jesus can change your life. ‘And forever You’ll be all I need.’ Think of His righteousness, His goodness, and what you truly need in life.

Track #12 ‘Satisfied’ – ‘I will trust in the Lord.’ This song will remind you that when He leads, we will follow.

Track #13 ‘Satisfied Flow’ ‘You have complete control.’ The message is clear: we are satisfied with Jesus.

Track #14 ‘Miracles, Signs and Wonders’ ‘Miracles, signs, and wonders follow those that believe.’ We are healed in Jesus’ Name and we must never forget that. Live the Word and thank Him for it.

Track #15 ‘Proverbs 3’ – This song reminds you of the importance of knowing the Word and how you should ‘write them on the tablet of your heart.’ When we trust the Lord, it has to be with all our heart.

Track #16 ‘Revelation 4’ – We should be crying out “Holy, holy, Lord!” The One who sits upon the throne deserves it. Dulaney talks about a revelation that God gave him: “Purpose was the revelation. Purpose is greater than any dollar amount that anybody could ever give to me. I get to touch people; I get to hug people in all types of nations. That was the revelation for me. A lightbulb went off in my head. I would rather live my life in purpose than chase a dollar.” 

Track #17 ‘Get the Glory’‘You get the glory, Lord.’ This Caribbean-rhythmed track puts the focus on God. 

On Dulaney’s travels to Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, and South Africa, he wants people to see God and not him. “I have to stay out of the way. I have to write from a place where I’m not writing about myself, in order to magnify the glory of God.”

Todd Dulaney challenges us to replace fear with faith. “Those of us who are in Christ Jesus have no need to fear.” His album was written to remind us of the power of our praise. ‘Anthems and Glory’ is available now.

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