Armand Mukenge & ProHozon Releases “Loving Lover”

ProHorizon & Armand Mukenge Debuts New Single “Loving Lover” “Loving Lover”, is the single from the anticipated debut EP “Love, and Other Death Experiences”

Jesus, Grace, and relationship, “Loving Lover” is an anthem for people to refocus on the relationship that truly transforms. Written by Armand Mukenge alongside Javan Joshua and Mashiyane.C, the trio behind “You Matter”- wanted to pen their struggles of continually keeping their focus on God.

Armand explains it this way “You know when God is working out a particular
miracle, at times we are so focused on seeing the miracle happen that we lose
sight of the ever-present God who faithfully stands next to us, desiring that
we cultivate a meaningful relationship.” The song is a longing to engage with
Jesus again in a way that places Him as the focal point.

Stripping away music’s artifice while writing sincere, poignant, and relatable
songs is Armand Mukenge’s gift while having Javan Joshua and Chris Mashiyane’s technical ability to package the melodies and heart of the song well. The trio, out of some difficult and good times, have fashioned a sensational lead single which can sit snugly on the hearts of those who choose to engage with its liberating truth.

On the 30th of July 2021, Armand Mukenge, Javan Joshua & Chris Mashiyane will share a part of their life journey through this song. They hope that
the audience can relate it to their own experience in some way that the God
who inspired their writing may meet listeners and spur their hearts to love him
more than anything. And do that process of pursuit over again, and again & again.

Get the song here:

Executive Produced by: Pro Horizon & Kananelo

Produced by: Tebogo Rameetse

Song Written by: Armand and Kananelo Mukenge.

Email: [email protected]

Armand Mukenge:

Javan Joshua:

Chris Mashiyane:

Written By: Denga Takalani

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