Together Again!

Bible resources to assist congregations as they return.

With lockdown restrictions easing, the long-awaited moment for churches to get together again is here. After months of online worship, congregations are beginning to meet together in church buildings once more. To help church leaders with the transition back to the physical church meeting, Christian charity Lifewords has a range of free resources available. Resources cover outreach, pastoral care, prayer, daily encouragements, and more – all Scripture-based to equip, encourage, and inspire churches and groups in these days.

All the resources are for church leaders, youth leaders, small group leaders, and all those looking for new material to help the return to physical church. The resources include print-based booklets exploring mental health amongst teens, scriptures on how to pray, living with loss, daily verses, the life of Jesus, and more: there is even an interactive group study on the beatitudes called the Ninefold Path. Alongside this, Lifewords digital resources are still available and more will be added in the coming months.

“I am delighted to have been able to introduce Lifewords booklets to a number of groups of students this year: I’ve just put in a big order to be able to continue to do so. The quality and simplicity of your booklets really appeals to students, and I am delighted to think of them being able to take home scriptures in such an accessible format.” Jo Curtis, Oxford Schools Chaplaincy

“The Ninefold Path Lab has been a practical, thoughtful exchange of ideas on how to follow Jesus and get to know him better. By listening to the hearts of other participants you get a clearer picture of the kingdom at work in our world every day. God’s heart beating through the actions of those who love Him. The BEAT postures truly connect the head, heart, and action.” Participant of Ninefold Path Lab

You can use the resources individually or share them together with your church, small groups, friends, and neighbours by ordering today. To find out more and to place your order visit or call 020 7730 2155.

A range of pastoral, outreach, and seasonal resources, along with programmes and projects, is ready to serve your ministry, outreach, encouragement, and inspiration needs. You can also explore other ways to support Lifewords mission in the UK and around the world.

Written by: Naomi Chamroo

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