10,000 Myanmar Christians Being Helped By Christian Solidarity International In The Midst Of Civil Unrest

(Westlake Village, CA) — Since the initial military coup in Myanmar that began in February of this year, fighting between the army and militias of ethnic and religious minorities has flared again. The unrest has driven more than 120,000 people from their homes, including 10,000 Christians belonging to the Karen ethnic minority. Through a local project partner, Christian Solidarity International (CSI) is distributing food and relief supplies to displaced persons on Myanmar’s eastern border.

For weeks, CSI partners have been visiting displaced Karen Christians to provide them with rice, dried foodstuffs, medicines, hygiene products, woolen blankets, mats, mosquito nets, and tarpaulins. But distributing aid to those in need can be challenging and very risky, according to CSI partner Kakreh Moo.

I visited displaced Karen Christians to distribute rice and dried food for the children,” says Moo. “It was pouring rain, which made it difficult for the food transport to get through. We also had to be constantly on our guard because we would often hear army helicopters in the vicinity.

But these challenges do not deter Kakreh Moo, who Is unceasing in her efforts on behalf of the hungry and persecuted Karen Christians in her country. “These people have lost everything. I am so happy that we can save them from starvation.”

Written By: Adams Group

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