The Global Impact Of ‘What’s New In Gospel Vol 1’

‘What’s New in Gospel Vol 1’ is a dynamic collection of music that delivers the Word of God through melodic expressions of joy, faith, triumph and trust. 

This gospel compilation, global in scope, features new music from award-winning artists, as well as hidden gems from emerging talent that together form an exceptional and diverse collection of performances. ‘What’s New in Gospel Vol 1’ is here to deliver your favourite flavour of gospel and, perhaps, an undiscovered taste of something new. 

Red Revolution PTY LTD (South Africa) has distributed the compilation in association with Global Music Link, LLC (USA) and All Access Africa LTD (London). The partnership of these three entities serves as a reflection of the artists represented from across the globe. Global Marketing Support Services are supplied by Ndamix Music Group (USA).

“Loving the ‘What’s New in Gospel Vol 1’, which has some of the best ‘angels’ sent to do an amazing duty. Listen out for some of the great female artists that we have featured on UGN Radio, including Sarah Téibo (UK), Tneek (UK), Deborah Denise (USA), Joy Fak (India) and the amazing Kim Pratt (USA), who is also a presenter on UGN. Don’t forget the males now! Disappointment does not exist on this project!” 

Dave P of The Dave P Morning Show on

Keep The Faith highlights the amazing artists who make up this compilation from various regions.

 United Kingdom: 

Sarah Téibo – is a UK Gospel chart-topping singer/songwriter and worship leader, who has continued to smash boundaries. With an extensive impact in Europe, Africa, Australia and the USA, Sarah aims to share her passion for God on a global scale.

Tneek – an empowering rapper from London who, while commenting on our turbulent times, always manages to keep faith at the centre of her music ministry.

Victoria Tunde – a passionate worship leader, who shares her love and devotion for God through her music.


Bongi & Collin – an award-winning South African music duo, who are accomplished and forward-thinking artists, authors, songwriters, and composers.

Jane Bossia – her ministry is dedicated to sharing God’s love and the life-changing message of the Bible through the songs and calling God has given to her.  She is based in Cote D’Ivoire.

Jesse Priestly – a Zimbabwean Christian music recording artist, who uses his music to inspire, by sharing his personal life experiences and testimonies of victory that the Lord has brought him through.

Joy Fak – gospel recording artist, who delivers a bold proclamation that “God will be praised!” through her music and life. 


Deborah Denise – a music producer, singer, songwriter, keyboard wizard, and vocal arranger. She is also a survivor, with a stated mission to spread the Word and give God all the honour, glory and praise possible.

G.L.O God’s Love Only – an international rapper and singer/songwriter, who is a groundbreaking artist on permanent assignment from the Lord to minister wherever the people are.  Her heart is filled with love, and she has made it her business to spread the Word. 

JJ Hairston – a Billboard Music award-winning gospel artist, who makes music that will bring peace in the midst of your storms. Hairston delivers a bold declaration that God is mighty, and we all need to take note.

Jabari Johnson – a contemporary gospel artist, who blends rock, RnB, and worship. A gifted guitarist, Johnson brings the living Word to life through his music.

Jonathan McReynolds – a Grammy award-winning artist, who paints relatable, realistic pictures of life and its challenges, while pointing listeners to God as the ultimate solution. His music urges us to not focus on our flaws, but to focus on the Father.

Keyla Richardson – a praise & worship leader, who is a passionate, contemporary gospel performer ready to share her sound, her talent and her message with the world.

Kim Pratt – a lyricist, who writes songs from a place of intimacy between herself and God. Her artistic transparency is one to take note of, as her thought-provoking delivery prompts you to reflect deeply on your own life.

Latice Crawford – a critically acclaimed singer/songwriter, who connects with listeners through her refreshing, unique approach to delivering the Word of God in song.

Martin Luther Wardlaw – a songwriter, composer, producer, actor, and engineer, who creates music for the world to enjoy. He has a full plate, but makes time to lift his voice to sing to the glory of God.

Maurice Griffin – a musical artist, who has happily broken barriers with his pop-influenced, up-tempo hit song, ‘Love Peace Happiness’.

Mr. C.H.U.R.C.H. – a multi-nominated Christian hip-hop artist, whose acronym stands for Change, Humility, Unity, Righteousness, Character, Hope. He is a man after God’s heart. In 2009, he became a widower and a single parent. Fighting through his loss, he never lost focus on God, family, and ministry.  He is the Pastor of Heart of God Prophetic Movement, where he preaches the Gospel from street corners.  

Renwick Duesbury – born in Guyana, raised in the UK, and residing in the USA, he has seen the world and wants to tell it about God. His reggae-infused delivery will have you moving your feet and your heart.

Tasha Nicole –  a gospel singer, who knows what it’s like to need someone to help you pick up the pieces. She is committed to using her gift to motivate and uplift, and no one does it better.

Todd Dulaney – a Grammy-nominated artist, who lifts his voice to show us the power of praise. He reminds us we don’t have time to dwell on tribulations, because we will be too busy giving glory to God – as it should be.

‘What’s New in Gospel Vol 1’ embodies a resilience that can only be found in the peace of God, and will shift the atmosphere as soon as you press play. This groundbreaking compilation will move you no matter where you call ‘home’. ‘What’s New in Gospel Vol 1’ is available now!

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Written By: Ben Harrell with Milton B. Allen

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