Bagging a better future for Indian ‘Untouchables’

Promise Bags is an Indian business giving holistic freedom to women trapped in caste-based discrimination, poverty and hopelessness. 

“Our mission is to offer freedom to Dalit (or Untouchable) women, trapped in 3000 years of a caste system in which they have been treated with less dignity than an animal,” said founder and CEO, Elisha Chowtapalli. The company currently provides employment for 12 women in a safe, loving and caring environment. The women create beautiful and high-quality leather and jute bags, handcrafted with heart and passion, samples of which will be on sale at CRE National 2021.

“We produce 100 percent genuine leather bags,” said Elisha. “Each and every small detail is taken care of. Our dream is to employ 100 women by 2025.” She brought a selection of Promise Bags to CRE National 2017 – and sold out! This year she will show visitors a variety of products suitable for individual, family, church, or business needs.

Forty percent of profits from sales go towards a not-for-profit education project with Dalit children, started 13 years ago.

• Promise Bags are on stand A54 at CRE National 2021

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