American Memorial Chapel Travel Grant

All UK-based ministers (of any denomination) are invited to apply for the American Memorial Chapel Travel Grant. The grant is provided by the English-Speaking Union and supplies funds up to £2000 for a UK-based minister, priest, deacon, or pastor to visit the USA. The application process is overseen by the Queen’s Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education.

The purpose of your trip should be to develop mutual understanding between British and American clergy/ministers. It is entirely up to you what you focus on. In the past, support has been given to a wide range of projects: from parish nursing to the use of outdoor recreational pastimes in Evangelism. Queen’s would this year especially want to encourage study visits which contribute to better understandings of diversity and the promotion of inclusion in churches and society.

Perhaps you’ve wanted to explore how US churches approach a particular topic, address a key social issue, or develop programmes of study or training. Maybe you’d like to visit a particular place in the USA that is similar to or different from your UK context in order to stimulate and help develop your own ministry. Or perhaps you want to study a church on your own, or from a different, denominational tradition in order to refresh your understanding of ‘church’ on a larger map. It could be that there is a particular project you want to visit to ‘find out how it works’. If any of these examples sound like you, then visit the Queen’s Foundation website for more details on how to apply for the grant.

Theological Education | The Queen’s Foundation Birmingham (

Please note: The grant covers travel costs up to £2000, at the Judging Panel’s discretion. You would be responsible for arranging your own itinerary. Further terms and conditions are available on our website. The closing date for applications is 31st October 2021.

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