Dad’s Army Vicar Rejects Collar

The Rev Cindy Kent MBE tried to persuade Frank Williams, one-time popular vicar in the Dad’s Army TV series, that it was never too late to return to the cloth. But Frank gently resisted the offer of a new clerical collar despite having played a similar role in several other productions.

“I think my clerical days are over,” said the 90-year-old.

Along with Sue Hodge, waitress Mimi Labonq from another tv favourite, ‘Allo ‘Allo, the trio toasted Frank’s 90th birthday earlier in the year and the 50th anniversary of The Arts Centre Group for which Cindy was a founder-member. The group was formed to enable Christian musicians, actors and broadcasters to encourage and help each other in the complex entertainment industry be “fully professional” and “fully Christian”.

The trio were celebrating during a day of events at the Christian Resources Exhibition at Sandown Park, Surrey, to mark a half-century of the Arts Centre Group for which Cindy and Sir Cliff Richard was also a founder member.

Sometimes called “the ideal church show” CRE is the one-stop shop for church supplies with 170 organisations displaying everything from pulpits to puppets, coffee to computers.

Written by: Dave Hall

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