New Book Uses Modern-day Parable To Help Christians Step Into The Calling For Their Lives

The Family Business releases in the UK on October 5, 2021, published by Tyndale Modelling Jesus’ use of parables to help his followers learn valuable lessons, a new book by Geoff Peters, The Family Business: A Parable About Stepping Into The Life You Were Made For, uses a modern-day story to help readers bridge the gap between what God designed them to do and their everyday lives.

Releasing in the UK on October 5, 2021, by Tyndale House, The Family Business tells the fictional story of the ageing Jesse, founder of the nationally known franchise Jesse’s Hardware, who wants to pass his legacy on to his five children. As his children face the challenges and fears of stepping out of the familiar into the unknown to continue their father’s mission, they discover the lives they were created to live.

Many of us go through life wondering what our true purpose is, feeling lost and believing everything will fall into place when we finally receive our true calling from God”, says Peters. “The truth is, the call has already been made, the offer is on the table. Being a part of God’s family means we’ve received the invitation to be an active part of His work of love and compassion. He’s waiting for us to respond.

Peters serves on the international leadership team of Operation Mobilisation and is director of The Mission Gap Project, which seeks to close the divide between what Christians are called to do and what they actually do. He wrote The Family Business in response to a study conducted by The Mission Gap Project, which discovered three primary fears that prevent Christians from stepping into God’s work with the fullness of their lives – fear of sacrifice, failure, and personal safety.

An easily accessible parable, The Family Business helps readers in overcoming obstacles that many Christians face when committing to live as a disciple for Christ each day.

The real question is not if or when we’ll be called to serve, it’s how we will serve Him – now”, adds Peters. “To be a part of sharing His incredible love with those that need it most, we have the opportunity to use our unique, God-given skills, talents, resources, and gifts. We are equipped to tackle poverty and injustice by making choices about how we use our abilities, finances, and the time He has blessed us with.

In addition to the book, free online resources are available from to accompany personal reflection and small group discussion, and to offer sermon outlines and deeper-dive videos.

All the proceeds from The Family Business go to Operation Mobilisation and The Mission Gap Project to inspire, equip and connect Jesus followers for God’s work around the world. Books are available to buy from Eden from October 5, 2021, and Amazon from October 19, 2021.

Written by: Julia Hallawell 

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