GOOD NEWS for Everyone!

Formerly known as ‘GideonsUK’ we are delighted to introduce our new name, GOOD NEWS for Everyone! Each year we distribute over 750,000 Scriptures across the UK free of charge, with numerous testimonies from people coming to faith as a result.

Who are we?

GOOD NEWS for Everyone! is a ministry of men and women who love Jesus and want others to experience the joy of knowing Him. Our 3,500 members represent a wide range of denominations and backgrounds, all with a passion to understand and explore Scripture; to live lives of prayer; to be compassionate and generous, and to be a witness to God’s goodness. We place Bibles in schools, hospitals, and hotel rooms, but we also work with care homes, prisons, sports teams (such as rugby and football), the armed forces, and in many other areas of everyday life.

We welcome women as members!

One of our most significant changes has been the opening of our work for both men and women to join in their own right and on the same basis. Our commitment to share God’s Word far and wide remains the same, but we felt it was important to give every Christian – men and women alike – an equal opportunity to respond. 

Bible Distribution

HOPE Gospel Magazine

In March 2020 we launched the HOPE Magazine, with the Gospel of John including extracts from the Psalms, which during COVID lockdown was distributed in prisons, hospitals, and foodbanks by churches to their communities and in many other places. We have been truly amazed by the popularity of the HOPE magazine, with over 400,000 copies distributed since its launch.

Bibles for schools

We take assemblies and lead religious education lessons whenever we are invited and wish to welcome new members to help in this area of ministry. 

“When I was in Year 7 we were given a red Bible. I looked into the ‘Where To Find Help’ page and I found exactly what I was feeling. Even though I hate to admit it, I was close to suicide but it really did help. When I felt like I had nowhere to turn and nobody to speak to I had God.”

In addition to leading assemblies and distributing New Testaments, schools across the country are also inviting us to lead religious education lessons. What a privilege to speak truth, hope, and love into the lives of our nation’s children and young people. We know so many take great comfort from the personal New Testaments we give to them – often igniting a life-long journey of faith.

Local member branches

We have 260 GOOD NEWS for Everyone! local branches. Local branches work together to present and provide Bibles with members supporting each other with prayers, encouragement, and fellowship.

Member – Aaron’s testimony
“I became a member through a friend of mine through church who invited me to give back and distribute the Word. The Westminster Branch has been a blessing to the many people we encounter on our outreaches. What I most enjoy are the people who encounter the word of God for the first time and knowing that should they sincerely seek him he will be their ever-present help in times of need.

I love the diversity of people that come together from all walks, seasons of life, and congregations . We are united in one thing, sharing and distributing the good news.

The branch has been a place to pray, encourage and bring testimonies and praise reports of the great things that God has been doing as well as the breakfasts, dinners, and fellowships we have from time to time to break bread with each other.” 

Sharing personally and on the streets

Our members share the Word of God with those they meet on a day-to-day basis. As local branches we encourage one another, pray for opportunities, share practical advice making sure members have copies of the New Testament which contain helpful references and a prayer of commitment. We believe that all opportunities start with God and when we pray for ‘God encounters’ we’ll be given them! 

International work

We want people all over the world to hear about Jesus. Working with our Canadian partners ShareWord Global, we are reaching thousands of people all over the world with God’s Word, including a specific focus on Eastern Europe where exciting developments are taking place.

Would you like to join us?

If you would like to join GOOD NEWS for Everyone! as a member of your local branch, speak to a local branch member or learn more about how you can be a part of our ministry, please get in touch through our website at or by calling the National Office on 01455 554 241. 

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