Pathways to Healing

Overcoming Childhood Trauma and Adult
Pain of Sibling Estrangement 

Whilst I was writing this article, I am still in shock that my first book has been published, and my story is now available for everyone to read! So, I think to myself is it’s time for me to exhale; after decades of experiencing depression, sibling rejection, emotional and verbal abuse.

“So, where did it start? Here I was, a shy, creative and sensitive child, who went through a kind of pain – one that is hard to explain – when I was growing up. To become a survivor of childhood trauma and now an author is still amazing to me.” ..

Pathways to Healing: aims to shed light on a topic that is seldom discussed, yet most people have experienced it. The book has now been released, to highlight a common problem in many Caribbean households, that is sibling jealousy, bullying, emotional abuse, being blamed and shamed, or perhaps being mistreated more harshly by a parent, who never showed the love you deserved, or maybe it was extended family members who tainted you as the black sheep?

If you can identify with this type of treatment it may have left you feeling stuck, where you found it hard to navigate through the maze of confusion. I know I did, but I found a path back to me that is full of acceptance and self-love. If you find that your adult relationships suffer from old wounds from your childhood? I hope my story will help you start on your path towards healing. As a little girl growing into a woman, and being a victim of emotional abuse for decades and having been estranged from some family members it is hard to accept.

Have you ever felt like you didn’t fit into your family? If you’ve been belittled by a parent, there is a possibility that you have been verbally and emotionally abused.

“As you can imagine, being treated like this made me so sad, as this was not a normal sibling relationship. It was always filled with several accusations, belittling, and a lot of manipulation and control. This just wasn’t normal. Once I knew I could stand up for myself, there would be numerous arguments, which led to a lot of blame and shame, and verbal and emotional abuse, even though I did not know that’s what it was at the time”..

My goal is for people to know Pathways to Healing can help them walk on their recovery journey from pain to acceptance. The hardest part of any healing is to first identify the experience and then decide to change the dynamics of your relationship. What you’ve gone through does not have to define you anymore. Pathways to Healing will equip readers with tools to navigate through the maze of difficult relationships with those closest to them and to find their way out of the confusion to live a full and prosperous life.

“When looking at our past experiences – if they have been filled with trauma or any form of abuse – be it physical, emotional, sexual or spiritual – they can be like a dark shadow hovering over our lives. If your experiences have been full of any form of negativity for too long, this shadow can lurk over your shoulder like an invisible weight, whose leering presence you can’t seem to get away from.” 

Apart from being a story of significant events in my life, Pathways to Healing:  is also a self-help book. The book includes details of leading therapists and psychologists from whom I sought help as I grew into the person I am today.

Bristol-based Therapist & Counsellor, Catherine Lecointe, said: “I found this to be a very frank and moving story of the life of a woman who deeply cares about the well-being and development of others.” 

Pathways to Healing is published by Carmen Carrol Enterprise. If you would like to receive some tools to help you on your path back to you. You can then learn how to overcome sibling conflict resulting in fractured relationships or estrangement if you are a lover of self-help books or want to learn more about my story.

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Written by: Carmen Carrol

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