In an age when the rights of women are under constant and close scrutiny in the Western world, it is timely to remind ourselves of the appalling conditions in which women still spend their lives in many parts of the African continent.

UNSILENCED is the story of Martha Clifford, who in her infancy witnessed the trauma of FGM, attempted rape as well as the brazen discrimination and shoddy treatment of feminine issues in her patriarchal native land of Nigeria: the prejudice, the marginalization and sexism, and women being conditioned to be subservient to their male counterparts in the chauvinistic society.

Believing that men are their oppressors and women should fight their own battles, young Martha teams up with like-minded feminists and with their pressure group: Woe-man Incorporated, they challenge their country’s discriminatory laws, statutes as well as the dicta of culture, religion, tradition, and customs, all of which debase womanhood.

Bruised, battered, and imprisoned, these courageous women strive on until they are set free by the intervention of human rights groups abroad, a respite which only made them more resolute in their struggle for gender justice and egalitarianism.

Written by: by Martins Agbonlahor

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