Premier Director of Content Presented With Fellowship From The Radio Academy

Charmaine Noble-McLean, Director of Content at Premier Christian Life, got a major surprise after she was presented a Fellowship from the Radio Academy during their Academy Festival. It is the highest accolade that can be awarded, and is given to those with a lifetime of dedication and passion in radio and audio.

Charmaine also took to social media to share some thoughts on receiving the award, writing, “I was awarded a Fellowship of the Radio Academy, and can’t help feeling God has/is doing something more through it (and it’s a big deal in the UK radio industry). He works like that, doesn’t He?!

“I’m humbled, honoured and grateful for the doors He has opened, those to come, the wisdom of friends and others I journey with along the way, and shoulders I’m able to stand on.”

Charmaine joined Premier Radio fresh out of university 23 years ago. She started out as a volunteer, then became PA to the CEO, before working as a presenter, producer, and programme controller. As Content Director, she has driven the Premier brand to a global multimedia operation, adding two spin-off stations along the way. 

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