London’s Calling: Maurice Griffin Shares Love, Peace, And Happiness

Chart-topping Los Angeles ‘phenom’, Maurice Griffin, encourages us to smile with his single, ‘Love Peace Happiness’ – a song that not only reached No 11 on Billboard Top 30 Gospel Songs but also has over 600,000 streams on Spotify. Maurice captures his life experiences in his music, which is the reason his music speaks life into your situation. His journey may have started in Virginia, but the gift God has given Maurice will change the world.

Keep The Faith dives into the story of Maurice Griffin – a story that is still in the process of being written.

Maurice is no stranger to persevering through trials and tribulations. In fact, he was homeless on the streets of Chicago before participating in BET’s Sunday Best Season 2. On this stage, the world witnessed a young man who refused to be defined by pain. Instead, fuelled by God’s grace and mercy, he projected his passion for Christ. Maurice used his voice to glorify the one true God who continues to be faithful in his life.

As an alumnus of Sunday Best, Maurice would be ready to take on any challenge, walking by faith. “It’s been a rollercoaster, with ups and downs, yet God has still been with me all the way. I have never given up.” His love for God and music birthed multiple projects, such as ‘I am Somebody: 1 Peter 2:9’ and ‘Believer’.

The inspiration God gave Maurice to create and express himself would lead him to release more music. “God has been showing me that as long as I continue going down this faith walk, He will continue to open my eyes to other things.” Maurice received the inspiration for the praise-pumping, foot-moving anthem, ‘Love Peace Happiness’. The video has been streamed more than 2 million times on Facebook, with an international impact that continues to grow. “Next thing I know, I’m getting calls that Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Jamaica, and even Trinidad and Tobago are all playing my music. It blew my mind!”

Doors continued to open for Maurice, and he found himself in London at the 2021 International Gospel Music Summit. He shared his gifts, and connected with new friends and artists whom he now calls family in the UK. The summit was an amazing opportunity to share his brand and help extend the reach of his production company, World-Changing Entertainment. Never too far from a microphone, Maurice performed at the International Gospel Music Summit, SundayFest, at a virtual Bible study with the GOD Squad and The Tab Church.

His London experience connected him with something that makes him happy: people. Maurice led an organic singing flash mob of hundreds of people at the Westfield Stratford Shopping Centre in London. His motive for worship was simply to “showcase the glory of the Lord through song in public”. Maurice ushered a peace into the group that may not have ordinarily come together because of COVID. “Since most people are scared of being in a confined space because of COVID, my goal was to bring God to the people outdoors,” and it worked. God made it work.

Maurice continued to travel though the UK and connected with various media outlets. UGN Jamz, Premier Gospel, Visions TV Online, ReviveFM and Injection Radio are several outlets that opened their doors to Maurice and his music.

Maurice Griffin exudes an energy that can be felt in person but also through his music. This is how he shares love, peace and happiness. Through faith. “Trust God enough that you can succeed in anything you put your mind to.”

Maurice Griffin is now preparing to release a radio and television campaign to promote his upcoming album drop and pending world tour. Stay connected with Maurice Griffin on his social media platforms: @mauricegriffin on Instagram, @mauricegriffinonline on Facebook and TikTok, @singmaurice on Twitter. For booking enquiries, contact Management, Lori McNeil at +1-908-442-2749. 

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Written by: Ben Harrell

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