Xtended Worship releases “I Seek You First” ft Mabongi

Xtended Worship debuts their first single titled ‘I Seek You First’ featuring Mabongi
A group of vibrant, passionate, and authentic group of creatives gathered in Midrand in March of 2021, with an intimate audience to express their deep desire for God in a time where the real value of life, faith, and hope has been put to the test. That group of creatives is called Xtended Worship, set apart to usher in worship without end and the sound of revival.

Within 2 and a half rehearsals, 5 songs in their arsenal, they met on a Friday night to record what would become the ‘Audience of One’, an outpouring of authentic declarations and expressions of worship. Out of 5 songs, Xtended Worship in spontaneous outbursts, found themselves recording 17 tracks, that’s 12 songs, chants, and vamps that were unrehearsed, unheard of, and untested, proving their deep love for God is not something they just sing about, but that it’s the life they lead.

Song Description
‘I Seek You First’ is a declaration of clarity of priorities and a sincere hunger for God. Anchoring our lives, hopes and everything else on God is the answer we need today in a world filled with confusion, fear, and doubt. Seeking God for who he is and not for what he gives liberates us to experience the fullness of joy and the pleasure that comes from knowing that our Father is King above all kings. It’s a faith-inducing, hope-releasing, and Jesus-revealing declaration of the 21st century which Mabongi and Xtended Worship deliver with resolute-hope, soul-stirring faith, and an anthemic rising chorus of worship.

About the coming album
‘Audience of One (Live at Church Xtended) is a masterpiece of expressions of worship so sincere, every believer must lay a hold of. With 17 songs, including the debut single ‘I Seek You First’, this album promises to be one of the soundtracks of worship of the 21st century. The full album releases on the 26th of November 2021 across platforms.

Who is Xtended Worship
Xtended Worship is a collective of worship creatives including the unparalleled Mabongi, their principal songwriter JP Fero (musically known as Jerrard Peace), the effervescent Yvonne May, and many young musicians and vocalists who are poised to release what could be one of the greatest sounds of revival.

Website: https://xtendedworship.com

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Written by: Denga Takalani

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