Dr. Bernice King and Respected Faith Voices Come Together For A Powerful Week of Prayer To Start 2022

After an extraordinary 2021 with many highs and lows, respected faith leaders are bringing the church closer together for a dedicated week of prayer focused on global poverty and the climate crisis.

Declaration is returning after a successful week of broadcasts in 2021, which saw thousands of viewers and over a hundred prayers submitted. The event is organised by the Christian charity Tearfund, in partnership with The Well and Christian broadcasters TBN UK and Premier Gospel from 2nd to 8th January 2022.

American minister and daughter of Martin Luther King Jr, Dr. Bernice King, will be part of the national week of prayer, along with The Voice UK 2020 winner Blessing Annatoria leading worship. The Kingdom Choir’s Karen Gibson, Bristol’s Mayor Marvin Rees, Bishop Wayne Malcolm, theologian Robert Beckford, and other faith leaders will be participating in prayers, workshops, and discussions on issues relevant to Christians in the UK and globally.

Dr. Bernice King

Dr. Bernice King will be joining Declaration to share her thoughts on the community in the face of current social discourse. Ahead of her interview, she said, ‘This first week of the year is an opportunity to bring church communities together and unite on issues affecting our brothers and sisters across the world.’

‘My father had a vision of a Beloved Community, where non-violence with love and trust triumphs over fear and hatred. Prayer is a part of that and we come expectant, looking forward to how God uses us.’

Declaration is a fantastic way to give your new year a head start,’ said Seth Pinnock, Head of African Caribbean Engagement at Tearfund. ‘Following the launch of The Well in October, my hope is that this week of events will gather people together and they’ll experience the power of prayer, as we believe prayer changes things.’

The Well is a powerful initiative working with Black Christians and Black Majority Churches to help fight extreme poverty and injustice.

Once again, Declaration is collaborating with Christian broadcaster TBN UK for seven one-hour programmes which will see inspiring talks from church leaders, worship from leading musicians and prayer focused on personal, national, and global issues.

New for 2022, Declaration is partnering with radio station Premier Gospel to broadcast five one-hour specials during their drivetime shows, with a mix of music, meaningful conversations, and time of prayer.

To accompany the week of broadcasts, there will be a complimentary Bible study available via the YouVersion Bible app, as well as morning prayer gatherings and lunchtime online workshops. Speakers from across the Declaration events will be sharing Bible verses and building upon each day’s theme.

For more information about Declaration and a full list of events of the week, visit tearfund.org/declaration22

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