Charity Launch Progressive Campaign to Encourage Girls into Education

Charity Launch Campaign to Encourage Girls to Enter Education, as 15 Million Go Without Schooling Globally

Food poverty charity, Charity Right, has launched a new campaign that will place at least 1,000 girls in education worldwide with the promise of nutritious school meals.

In order to provide this opportunity, the charity has set an ambitious target of raising £120,000.

The fundraising campaign launched last month, and Charity Right plans to keep the campaign running until sufficient funds are raised to help its target beneficiaries.

Over 15 million girls worldwide don’t currently have a chance to attend school and the charity wants to open doors for young girls who otherwise would not have access to primary education.

Many girls in underdeveloped countries are faced with unavoidable barriers, making the reality of education difficult to attain. Charity Right wants to provide school food support to alleviate financial barriers so many more young girls can attend school alongside their male peers.

Families will often rely on girls to start work early and bring in money to support the family, they may also be involved in child marriages and start their own families at a young age or have a lack of access to sanitation.

These barriers are just some of the reasons why numerous girls globally are unable to attend education and consequently, why their prospects for the future are reduced.

Wala Salameh, Marketing and Communications Manager at Charity Right, explains,

Education should be an option for everyone. When girls are given the opportunity to learn, it benefits not only themselves but also the wider community and economy.

The charity states that if just 10% more girls go to school, the GDP of some countries could increase by 3%[1].

‘Providing long-term school meals for girls will help to break the poverty cycle and create expansive opportunities’, adds Salameh.

To help girls across the globe gain the essential education and find out more about the campaign, go to

Written By: Emma Robinson 

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