Loneliness Versus Being Alone

In England, there are currently over 4 million people who identify themselves as lonely. Also, 3 out of 4 Americans have said that they have experienced loneliness. As the world faces many dire circumstances such as a global pandemic, increased mental health concerns, increased suicide rates, cyberbullying, financial collapses, natural disasters, and climate change issues to name a few, never has it been more relevant to release a book like Loneliness versus Being Alone.

Helpfully dissected into two sections, namely ‘Loneliness’ and ‘Being Alone’, this book takes the reader on a journey from defining loneliness and its causes to how to slay the giant of loneliness. Then the second part of the book highlights to the reader the importance of seeking times of solitude not only with themselves but more importantly with God their Creator.

It carefully weaves biblical examples of main characters who have experienced loneliness or found power in finding solitude with God. Characters such as David, Hannah, Jacob, and even Jesus become relatable to the reader.

The book is sold at a retail cost of £10.99 published by Kingdom Publishers. From the 30th November 2021, Loneliness versus Being Alone can be purchased directly from the book publisher – Kingdom Publishers
(https://kingdompublishers.co.uk/product/loneliness-versus-beingalone/). Finally by the end of December 2021 it will available on Amazon.

Julie Porter MA – Author

Julie Porter is the author of Loneliness versus Being Alone. She is new to the publishing world but not new to the topic of loneliness. She is a qualified counsellor, child mentor, teacher and also she is a licensed minister in her local church. She has over 25 years experience of working with adults and children needing help overcoming issues relating to loneliness. She has helped lead and work on community projects to develop the confidence and communication skills of the project beneficiaries.

For over 30 years Julie has both written and performed her own poems and songs. She has also written for other authors and singers. Finally, Julie has many volumes of non-published material to her name.

Outside of writing Julie enjoys working with children and young people, watching movies, singing, and socialising with her friends and family.

Julie can be contacted at japorterauthor@gmail.com.

Written By: Julie Porter

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