Women welcomed as members of GOOD NEWS for Everyone!

At GOOD NEWS for Everyone! over 750,000 Scriptures are distributed each year across the UK free of charge, with numerous testimonies from people coming to faith as a result. With new ministry opportunities arising to share God’s Word, we wish to welcome new members (both men and women) to join at this exciting time!

One of our most significant changes has been the opening of our work for both men and women to join as members. Our 3,500 members represent a wide range of denominations and backgrounds, all with a passion to understand and explore Scripture; to live lives of prayer; to be compassionate and generous, and to be a witness to God’s goodness. We place Bibles in schools, hospitals, and hotel rooms, but we also work with care homes, prisons, sports teams (such as rugby and football), the armed forces, and in many other areas of everyday life.

Meet a Member – Valerie 
My name is Valerie and I am a member of GOOD NEWS for Everyone!. Being a member enables me to have copies of God’s Word readily available, in order to bless others with the living and enduring Word of God which gives hope and strength.  

During the height of the pandemic in 2020, I was working at a local hospital, where our branch regularly placed Bibles and HOPE gospel magazines on a free spiritual resources table, located in the main corridor of the hospital. I was astonished one day, to discover from one of the chaplains that patients, visitors, as well as staff members had helped themselves to over 1,000 Bibles from the table during this time. We rejoiced at how God was obviously working in the lives of people at a time of great fear and uncertainty, bringing hope to them through His Word. 

Equally popular were the beautifully illustrated HOPE magazines, containing Bible verses of hope and encouragement. Amazingly, the chaplain’s last request was to order double the number of HOPE magazines, as apparently “they keep running out!”

This passion and love for Christ is the unifying force throughout GOOD NEWS for Everyone! and being with like-minded committed people spurs you on to take steps of faith, and to ‘step out of your comfort zone, taking risks in the Name of the Lord. As a result, your faith, trust, and confidence in God grow. He is able to take the weakest, most insignificant person and do extraordinary things in and through their lives.

Meet a Member – Jane
I was born and raised in Uganda. I began to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ aged 16, during a time when Uganda was experiencing a revival. I then came to the UK in the early 1980s, living lived in London.

After some years at church, I formed a friendship with GOOD NEWS for Everyone! members who told me about the ministry. I was invited to join them at a university Fresher’s Week at the local universities.

I jumped at the chance of giving out free Bibles and talking to students about reading the Word of God. I felt such joy and pleasure as I gave students the New Testaments, showing them the guidance section at the front, having conversations, and sometimes praying when it was requested.

“As you hand someone a free New Testament…when you see a face light up, it is indescribable.”

I may never get to hear how someone’s life was transformed through reading the New Testament I handed to them, but I am confident the Word of God transforms people’s lives as they read it. Everyone deserves to hear the Good News of the love of our Lord Jesus Christ and His saving grace. How will they hear, unless we tell them?

Join us today at GOOD NEWS for Everyone!

We have 260 local branches for you to be a part of. Local branches work together to present and provide Bibles with members supporting each other with prayers, encouragement, and fellowship. If you would like to join as a Member or Friend (prayer and financial supporter) please get in touch through our website at www.goodnewsuk.com or by calling the National Office on 01455 554 241. 

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