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Dental Care In Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe – Community And Climate – Open Our Eyes, Lord

In 2017 I spent four weeks in Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe, as a community manager and spent time with the dental professionals, some from Europe and the Caribbean, who taught and provided trainee dental professionals, dentists, and assistants in Chinhoyi. Due to the oral healthcare systems in Zimbabwe, donations from global and UK-based oral health professionals supplied gifts of time and service to a neighbourhood with children and adults in rural areas. Chinhoyi is mainly filled with loads of agriculture and not much provision. The climate for the weather is mostly dry in the winter. The priority for medical health care, particularly dental was reviewed, and treatment was planned for over 2000 different patients with distinct medical oral healthcare in other districts and provinces.

Simone Ruzario, Dental Hygienist and Dental  therapist

We went to grammar and boarding schools, some schools without any roof or doors. Still, one true thing that stood out to me was the hundreds, if not the thousands, of children, met that looked forward to getting their teeth cleaned and took hold of their new toothbrush, toothpaste, and stickers with so much glee. just like how school children in the ’90s in the UK would line up for their free NHS check-ups and what you’d find in the western world. The people of Chinhoyi were able to see dental therapists, dental hygienists, dental nurses, and dentists.

School Boys, Year 7 Chinhoyi High School Oct 2017

However, the issue is not so easy to tackle alone and although we may take dental treatment for granted here. Chinhoyi is doing a great job of covering the world development of oral healthcare in zimbabwe. The disparity of great healthcare professionals in Zimbabwe for oral health and training dental assistants in those areas; can become challenging. With the help from Keep the faith readers we could share in this space to support dental professions in Africa. You can become a donator, and your community can supply and donate equipment like autoclaves to cleaning equipment. In addition, provide manual toothbrushes that will be presented and mirrors and scales that will be gifted to dental professionals in Africa &  Zimbabwe Chinnoyi. You can be a donator in any professional capacity, and a donation from previous dental practices within the UK have changed the overall social mobility of the Chionioys community.

With help, we could get more people involved and change the way oral heal care is seen. While serving as a community manager, I got speaking to a 27-year old at the time. He was a farmer, and Jonathan had practically no teeth in his mouth. He mentioned he had been in agony for the past 12 weeks with an abscess as large as my knuckle. However, if not larger, it stopped me in my tracks and gave me time for reflection and prayer, from getting a sick note from your doctors or booking a dental appointment on the NHS. I could not begin to understand what his 12-week abscess would have done to his livelihood. When you cannot work in Chinhoyi, there is no care plan or space for you to book an appointment to see the dentist or hygienist enough to get the abscess or even antibiotics. I felt all I could do was pray for him using Psalms 146 5:10  which was a powerful word and I remember his family and will continue to pray. Jonathan’s access to school fees, water, food, and basic things that we take for granted was not at his disposal. By the end of our missionary, he was so thankful that we could treat his abscess and look after a treatment plan and aftercare with the training provided for the Chinhoyi teams. Five years on, we would love to revisit the project, provide additional care, and follow up with a case study.

Written By: Misha Nelson

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