Christian Conference Trust Set For Record-Breaking Year!

With a strong increase in bookings, Christian Conference Trust is on track for a record-breaking 2022, confirming that the Christian community is ready to ditch online events in favour of face-to-face gatherings.

The Trust, which operates The Hayes, High Leigh and Belsey Bridge, reports a significantly higher demand for ‘in person’ events this year with almost triple the enquiries received in the first week of January compared to that in December. Over half of all recent enquiries are from churches and organisations that have not visited their centres before.

To cater for the increased demand, the Trust has introduced 38 new bedrooms, 8 new meeting rooms and is currently redeveloping a further 4 meeting spaces and a conference hall. In addition, 3 new members of the sales team have been recruited to handle the increased demand in addition to 120 new hospitality roles introduced since the spring of 2021.

‘We are seeing a move away from online events back to ‘in person’ conferences and meetings’ said John Heasman, Chief Executive. ‘We are all grateful for the way technology has helped us in our ministries over the past couple of years but essentially we are all relationship people who are designed to spend time together. It’s been encouraging to see so many new groups for the first time as well as loyal guests returning to our venues. Almost 50,000 visitors have so far benefitted from switching off their laptops and spending valuable time together at our centres; worshipping, learning and enjoying fellowship in each other’s company since we re-opened last summer.’

Christian Conference Trust has been serving churches and Christian organisations for over 100 years. The last 2 years have undoubtedly been a challenging time for the conferencing sector, but the Trust is determined to invest in the future and be here for the next generation of Christians, providing a space for their ministry to flourish.

Written By: Mark Rowe

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