Former Pop Singer Gearing Up To Release New Rock Gospel Single

Following a 12 year hiatus from releasing music, worship leader Madeleine Kerzner is back with a new single which is out ON 22.2.22

Entitled Rest, the single sees Madeleine returning to her rock gospel roots as she sings about the peace and love and God.  .. Madeleine said ‘the one word that really sums up the wonderful adventurous journey in Yeshua, would be REST and this release is in celebration of 30 wonderful years of salvation”

“It’s my prayer that people will be inspired and uplifted by this song, and that it will give them hope in the faithfulness of God. For truly there is a REST to the people of God” 

Madeleine is known as a pastor, preacher, event organiser, and radio presenter to those that are aware of her ministry.  And although she has spent 12 years away from the recording studio she has been exceptionally busy.  She shared,  “In the years prior to recording Rest, I have been very busy serving the community, working with worship leaders, artists, and musicians all over the UK and since 2013 presenting a radio shows on Premier Gospel, Britain’s leading gospel music station.” She has also been co-pastoring at her local church in London.

“My passion is to serve the church, the community, and share the love of God with those that need to experience it.  I’ve been doing so through my work which has included re-connecting with my Jewish roots by working with Jewish charities, building the local church based in Chingford, London, and teaching the Hebraic roots and Jewish Feasts in Yeshua through my Nation 2 Nation ministry – unblocking the Hebraic Wells.”

Madeleine came to faith at 27, during a time she was looking for peace.  Born to Jewish parents, she was treated like a little princess growing up in Tottenham, north London.  Her gift for music and drama was nurtured and she learnt to play the piano and attended to dance school.

Living in a multi-cultural area, Madeleine was surrounded by music, and by the age of 16, she joined a band as a singer/songwriter.

By 18 Madeleine was dating the legendary Irish rock star Phil Lynott, frontman /Thin Lizzy.  Their relationship did not last but he became Madeleine’s music mentor which lead into the depth of the Rock world. 

Madeleine moved to New York in the late 80s due to signing a 5-year management deal to record and music with Steve Stevens (Billy Idol’s Guitarist) as her Producer. 

Madeleine did not get to release any of the music she recorded because she embraced the rock and roll lifestyle and became addicted to drugs and alcohol. The excitement of a career in music disappeared as the lifestyle took over. 

Tiring of her lifestyle, Madeleine moved back to London. In 1991 she accidentally walked into a church meeting and noted that was a great sense of peace in the room. She recalled. ” I heard a beautiful voice say to me, “Madeleine, I AM who I said I AM.” It’s difficult to explain, but I just knew it was Jesus our Messiah. Next, a tremendous realisation of the sin in my life came over me and, moments later, she received Jesus as her  Lord and Saviour. I was 27 years old and this was the most amazing day of my life.”

After her conversion, Madeleine became a Christian artist.  She released her first album Nation 2 Nation in 2001.  She was later signed to Integrity Europe who released her second album, “The Great I Am’ in 2010.

Written by: Marcia Dixon

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