Christian Writer Publishes A Book Celebrating Motherhood During International Woman’s Month

One experience that women across the world share – no matter their race, nationality, or culture – is that of becoming a mother and parenting a child/children.

Although motherhood is a common experience for many women, and the relationship between mother and child is often explored in novels, plays, or films, the new book  The Triumph of Motherhood (out on March 5) provides real-life inspirational accounts of the various aspects of being a mother.

Marcia M. Spence, a Christian, based in Sandwell, Birmingham is the founder of Marcia M Publishing House and the brainchild behind this new book.  

In January 2021 she put out a call asking for women to contribute writings to a new book about motherhood that would aim to inspire and uplift. Women responded in their droves and eight writers were chosen to contribute to The Triumph of Motherhood including Marcia’s mother and sister.   

Marcia explained, “The Triumph of Motherhood is the second book in a series of anthologies that I launched in 2018 called Geraldine’s Pearls.  The first book was called Confidence Confidential and featured stories from different women on the subjects of confidence.   

This new book, The Triumph of Motherhood focuses on the uplifting, inspiring, and joyful aspects of motherhood. Eight women, ranging from 42 – 75 years contributed essays on their various experiences of being a mother and raising children.”

Topics covered in The Triumph of Motherhood include pregnancy and childbirth, raising sons, motherhood through the generations, a mother’s pride in her children, showing love to children through food and cooking, motherhood whilst young, overcoming miscarriages, and remaining connected to children and grandchildren whilst living abroad.

There’s also stories about the unconditional love of a mother overcoming separation from children due to deportation, mothers renewing strained relationships with their children, and a mother who writes a letter to her daughters apologising for mistakes she made during their upbringing.

Written By: Marcia Dixon

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